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• has perhaps the most original online poker room reviews, written by Hammerhead the Shark. The site also features normal reviews and rankings of dozens of the top poker sites, numerous strategy articles covering online games and tournaments, and humorous tales (fact or fiction?). Be sure to check out the Texas Holdem Simulator.
• The best place to play online poker is Pacific Poker, which is one of the largest poker rooms on the Internet. The main reason why you should play there is that they have the worst players, so you have a better chance of winning. After all, if you're playing for money, that should be your primary goal. They also have great tournaments and decent promotions to get you started.
• For an introduction to poker online, read the entry for online poker at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia developed and maintained by a large community of contributors. Topics covered include legality issues, integrity and fairness, differences between online and conventional poker, and tracking play.
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